Researchers have identified the bizarre creature you see above as a deep sea dragonfish, and one thing’s for sure, it looks to be straight from an Alien movie. This thing not only has an oddly-shaped head, but there are also rows of sharp teeth to boot. This dragonfish lives in the deep parts of the Atlantic Ocean beyond where any plant life grows or light reaches. This habitat has caused the Dragonfish to adapt to the conditions at these depths by having light-producing organs called photophores and skeletons that better suit deep-sea life. Continue reading for more pictures.

The Dragon fish tends to live around 1000 to 3000 meters below the surface. Some Dragonfish have even been found at depths of 5000 meters. At these depths, the conditions are very extreme. The pressure can range from 200 to 600 atmospheres (atm) and the temperatures fall just below four degrees Celsius. The Dragonfish lives below the Bathyal zone where no light reaches. The Bathyal zone starts at about 220 meters. Past this point, there is no light, and it is deep enough to not be affected by storms or ocean currents, making the environment where the dragonfish lives utterly still.

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