Car Levitating China

Photo credit: Daily Mail

If Magneto from X-Men actually existed, seeing random metal objects levitate would be a common sight, but a new video from China has surfaced, showing what appears to be cars levitating in the air as one drove towards a busy intersection. The vehicles are seen being pulled upwards before one rolls onto its side in the city of Xingtai. The front of another vehicle is pulled upwards, while the back end of a car in another lane moves, at that same time. All three crash back down onto the road, with the first, landing on its side. Continue reading for the shortened version of the clip.

“Little information has been provided alongside the video and it is not known whether anyone was injured as a result of the peculiar incident. Confused pedestrians can be seen stepping back from the cars however as they swing in the air before they later approach to check up on the drivers,” reports Mail Online.