Black Box VR Gym
Black Box VR opened the world’s first virtual reality gym in San Francisco, California earlier this year, and put simply, it takes Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure to the next level. It features the world’s first fully automated cable resistance machine that integrates virtual reality hardware and original eSport software, all powered by the HTC Vive Pro, Black Box VR users get an intense, time-dilated, custom workout while immersed in competitive virtual reality fitness experiences that redefine eSports into physically active vSports. Read more for a video and additional information.

Using proprietary Dynamic Resistance Machine technology and hands-free controllers, Black Box VR tracks over 10,000 movement data points per workout to ensure appropriate form and track progress in order to readjust the experience. Each workout’s intensity is built around your ability, while machine learning modules intelligently take you to your goals, but adds in some fun.

Ring Fit Adventure - Nintendo Switch
30,146 Reviews
Ring Fit Adventure - Nintendo Switch
  • An adventure game that’s also a workout
  • Explore a huge fantasy world and defeat enemies using real-life exercise
  • Jog, sprint, and high knee through dozens of levels

Over the past 3 years, our world-class team has put in an enormous amount of work to strategically combine science-backed fitness programs with the addictive qualities of gaming, immersive technologies, and innovative hardware that will transform the lives of our Hero Members for the better. We’re excited to open the doors to our award-winning creation and we couldn’t be happier to debut it in one of the most tech-forward places in the world. We believe this is just the beginning of the VR fitness market and it’s going to change the entire fitness industry on a fundamental level.” said Preston Lewis, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer.


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