Black Hornet Drone

The Black Hornet Nano is basically a military micro unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developed by Prox Dynamics AS of Norway. It measures just 10 x 2.5 cm and provides troops on the ground with local situational awareness. They’re small enough to fit in one hand and weighs just over half an ounce including batteries). The UAV is equipped with a camera, which gives the operator full-motion video and still images. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“Black Hornet is so compact it can be carried by the single soldier on a combat vest. It is intended for short range scouting of interior spaces, such as buildings or caves. And in outdoor testing, it has achieved 25-minute flight duration. The PD-100 ‘T’ version (at an obese 18 grams) includes a an integrated thermal and daylight camera with fused imagery that enhances low- or no-light operations,” according to Gizmodo

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