BolaWrap 100

Photo credit: HiConsumption
Police officers are finding new non-lethal ways to deal with the current mental health crisis, and Wrap Technologies has created just the tool to do so. Called the BolaWrap 100, this remote restraint device basically shoots a Kevlar cord up to 25 feet. The cord measures around 8-feet long and quickly wraps around the suspect, while the wrap has hooks on the end and comes out of the device at about 640 feet per second. It was designed by former police officers who hope to keep people from harming themselves or law enforcement. Read more for another video and additional information.

Right now, about a half-dozen law enforcement agencies around the country are using it, and another 40 are in the testing phase. The gadget is about the size of a remote control and priced at $800, with the cartridges costing $30 each. “In this case, it’s to develop a plan on what to do next, what to do before and what to do after. It’s not just to wrap the individual, but it’s then how to deal with individual afterwards,” said Mike Rothans, COO of Wrap Technologies.