NES Pro Wrestling Game

YouTube user Stephen Reese, better known as Archon1981, managed to uncover UWC, an unreleased pro wrestling game for the Nintendo Entertainment System by developer SETA way back in 1988. There was at least on cartridge shipped to NES’ American headquarters from Japan for review, but that was the last anyone heard of it. Thanks to a former Nintendo employee Reese befriended, he managed to snag the over three-decade-old cartridge that was thought to have been lost. As you can see, it featured several prominent WCW wrestlers, Ric Flair and Sting included. Read more for more gameplay footage.

“That name is important to determining the age of this unreleased ROM. When Ted Turner bought up Jim Crockett Promotions (the Charlotte, North Carolina-based owner of the NWA) in 1988, the original plan was to rename it the UWC. That quickly changed to what everyone else knows it as, WCW, World Championship Wrestling, which had a 13-year run before the WWE bought it out, ending their late 1990s rivalry,” according to Polygon.


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