BolaWrap Non-Lethal Restraint
Forget tasers, BolaWrap by Arizona-based Wrap Technologies is a new non-lethal way of restraining people. This battery-powered, razor-sized device is loaded with single-use recyclable cartridges, with each containing a propellant in the form of a .38-caliber partial charge blank as well as an 8-foot Kevlar-cord tether equipped with grappling hook-like metal barbs at either end. Read more for a video of it in-action.

When a non-compliant suspect is fleeing from law enforcement, the officer simply has to aim the BolaWrap at the person’s arms or legs and once the trigger is pulled, the cartridge ejects its tether at a speed of 513 feet per second. It then travels through the air up to 25-feet before wrapping itself around the target’s limbs 1-3 times, thus safely incapacitating them in a non-lethal way.