Boring Complete Completes Tunnel

The Boring Company is currently working on several high-speed underground transportation projects in Los Angeles, and they’ve just completed a 2-mile test tunnel located beneath SpaceX’s headquarters, as CEO Elon Musk shared a video on Twitter of its Godot boring machine breaking “through the other side.” This tunnel, dubbed the “Loop”, will be used as a proof of concept as well as a R&D testing site for the company’s future autonomous public transportation system, utilizing “electric skates” that carry up to 16 passengers at speeds of 125-150 miles per hour. Read More for the two videos he Tweeted and additional information.

“We’ll probably see people lining up for test rides after Black Friday. As the Boring Company explains, the point of this tunnel isn’t just to dig it, but also to show off the small elevators that are key to its “loop” concept and are small enough to fit inside a house,” reports Engadget.


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