Boston Dynamics Spot Robot Dog Canada Street
Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot dog has been around for quite some time, but just recently, the company started selling it to qualified commercial customers. Nathan Kanasawe from Ontario, Canada spotted one in the wild roaming the streets without an apparent handler. How could this be possible? Well, it boasts 360° vision as well as obstacle avoidance, enabling the robot to be driven remotely or taught routes and actions to perform autonomous missions. Read more for the video.

If you’re interested and money is no issue, developers can purchase one and create custom methods of controlling Spot, program autonomous missions, design payloads to expand the robot’s capabilities, and integrate sensor information into data analysis tools. Spot, when integrated with software and sensors, is capable of performing tasks in a variety of industries.
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We were driving down the street and saw the robot first, since the yellow stood out more, then as we slowed down, saw the operator behind the robot. My friend and I were equal parts amazed and creeped out. I think we were just really surprised to have even seen a Boston Dynamics dog in our area, casually walking up the street,” expressed Kanasawe. He also said, “It’s the kind of thing you would maybe see at a convention in Toronto, but up in northern Ontario? Super weird,” Kanasawe told Hindustan Times.