Brinks Armored Truck Heist $150-Million
Thieves robbed an unattended Brinks armored truck on July 11th when its guards were stopped at a Flying J rest stop, and they potentially made off with $150-million worth of jewelry and gems, making this possibly the largest heist ever. Law enforcement theorize that the thieves could have followed it from the International Gem and Jewelry Show in San Mateo.

Unfortunately, there weren’t any infrared sensors or seismic detectors in the valuables cage, so according to reports, the thieves basically picked the lock and made out with everything in under 27-minutes. There were a total of 15 exhibitors at that show, each with $5-$10 million in merchandise, so the initial $10-million estimate was inaccurate to say the least. What could be an alternative vehicle for Brinks to use when they transport over $100-million worth of gems next time? The Buran 4×4 armored vehicle, which can withstand a 600g TNT blast.

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We are talking multi millions here. It is a huge amount of money. We are looking at more than $100 million in documented losses. This was an absolutely huge crime. One of the largest jewelry heists ever. We are talking gold, diamonds, rubies, emeralds and loads of luxury watches,” said Sgt. Michael Mileski, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Major Crimes Bureau.