Bugatti Concept

There’s no doubt Bugatti has created some interesting concepts over the years, like the Vision Gran Turismo above, but not all of them have been revealed publicly. Automotive designer Adrian Biggins would like to change that, starting with his “Bugatti Concept,” which includes the iconic horseshoe grille, paired with an aggressive front splitter. The side profile sports a C-shaped line, similar to the Chiron, while a large roof scoop, aggressive side skirts and wheels designed to maximize aerodynamic efficiency, top things off. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

“Like the front, the rear-end is also pretty absurd and starts off with a large Le Mans-inspired shark fin running down the spine of the car. From there, things get even crazier with a protruding diffuser and exhausts that exit out of the center of the taillights,” reports Car Scoops.


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