CX-10 Micro Drone

Cheerson’s CX-10 Micro Drone costs less than most spare parts for these flying machines, as it’s being offered for only $9 shipped, today only, originally $29.99. The nimble 6-axis design and adjustable gyroscope makes stable flight easy – up to 8 minutes when fully charged. There are 3 modes, including: speed, flip and stunt. Product page. Continue reading for an in-depth video review, test, and more information.

“Ok, first off, those of you who are having trouble keeping it under control, do this. Set the difficulty to Mode 3. Then hold the left lever to the lower left and hold the right lever to the upper left. Hold them there for about 2 seconds. This will calibrate the accelerometers. Set the difficulty to the mode you want and take off. It should need very little trimming and it should be stable now. Anyway, I’m having fun with this little guy and so are my cats. They show up as soon as they hear the beeps. They managed to swipe it out of the air a few times. I like setting it on the highest setting and have it zip down the hallway at full speed. It flips amazingly well. Very stable and very easy to regain control after a flip,” said one reviewer. More information.