Chevrolet FNR

Here’s another look at the Chevrolet FNR, a futuristic concept vehicle with a capsule design. What sets this apart from other self-driving cars are its “Dragonfly” dual-swing doors that enable most of the bodywork to peel away like armor. It uses integrated sensors, along with a roof-mounted radar unit, for autonomous operation, and it can even suggest alternate routes when a human helms the controls. In self-driving mode, the front seats are capable of swiveling 180° to face the rear seats. Continue reading for another video. Click here to view more images of the FNR.

“Other tech features include Chevrolet Intelligent Assistant – whatever that is – and iris recognition. The FNR can only be driven if it gets a positive iris ID. Like the Mercedes-Benz F 015 or Rinspeed Budii, the FNR was designed from the perspective that the changes wrought by autonomy will be more than just mechanical,” reports Digital Trends.