Cold Plasma Wand
Liquid and gel hand sanitizers can decontaminate hard surfaces, but these wet methods don’t quite work on fabrics, that is unless…unless a full wash and dry is in the cards. Introducing a nonthermal plasma wand that uses a dry method that leaves no residue, making it perfect soft materials, like clothing or seats. Read more for a video and additional information.

Plasma is made by running a gas, like air, through a high electric field. This field rips electrons off atoms and tears molecules apart, creating charged atoms and molecule fragments that come out the end of the wand. This plasma then destroys bacteria and viruses through a process similar to combustion in which oxygen-based ions pulling carbon out of their cell walls or protein casings.

Plasma Ball, Theefun 8inch Touch & Sound Sensitive Plasma Globe, Nebula Sphere Plasma Lamp Novelty Toy for Kids/Decorations/Bedroom, Best Gift for Birthday or Holiday
  • 【Touch-Activated Plasma Globe】-- It’s part science, part magic, and all fun! This plasma sphere responds to your touch, sending rays of light wherever your fingertips go. You’ll wow your friends and add a special ambience to any room of the house.
  • 【Responds to Music and Sound】-- Not only does the static electricity ball follow your every touch with electric beams, but it even responds to music! It’s like a real-life music visualizer, swirling and pulsing to the beat in unique patterns.
  • 【Perfect for Curious Science Minds】-- If your child is the curious type that is always wowed by all things science, they’ll be absolutely entranced by the tesla ball. Help them discover the secrets of plasma in a way that’s larger than life and completely safe.
  • 【Cool Bedroom Decoration】-- Better than a fish tank or a lava lamp! This truly unique décor doesn’t overheat and you don’t have to feed it. Simply turn on the plasma lamp and all your friends will be impressed by its cool, understated vibe.
  • 【An Exciting Party Surprise】-- What’s the best way to add extra fun to any party instantly? Let everyone interact with the static electricity orb as an icebreaker and conversation starter. Or watch it dance to the music and add a nice lighting effect to any party environment. The choice is yours!

A detergent has to sit on the surface for five to ten minutes before it destroys the pathogens. With a plasma, the gas is so highly reactive that you only need seconds of contact between the plasma and the surface in order to decontaminate,” said John Foster, a professor of nuclear engineering and radiological sciences.