Fender Cardboard Guitar

Ernest Packaging / Signal Snowboards partnered with Stratocaster to create a fully-playable guitar made from cardboard, and it’s so good that Fender gave it a Certificate of Authenticity. “One of the biggest challenges of this neck is with the strings. It has about 250 lbs of torque on the neck,” said Dave Lee, co-founder of Signal Snowboard. Mike Martinez of Ernest Packaging spent countless hours designing a solid cardboard core to match the capabilities of a standard Stratocaster. Click here to view more cool custom guitars. Continue reading for a video of an NES guitar in-action.

“I quickly threw this together to showcase not only the amazing aesthetic of this custom NES guitar, but its great sound as well. This guitar, made from a refurbished NES console and rosewood neck, was custom made by GetLoFi,” said creator “Mega Beardo”. In 2009, the Nintendo Entertainment System was named the single greatest video game console in history by IGN, in a list of 25. It’s also the second greatest console behind only the Sega Dreamcast in PC Magazine‍ ’​s “Top 10 Video Game Consoles of All Time”.

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