Remote Controlled Corvette

Computer technician Bjorn Harms grew up watching the Back To The Future movies and got the idea to build his own life-sized, remote-controlled vehicle when he saw Doc racing around the DeLorean without anyone in the driver’s seat. After lots of work, this 2006 Corvette C6 became a reality. “Other 1:1 remote-controlled cars you see online come with large motors and actuators installed in the interior. So it’s not a daily driver. This is a 2006 Corvette C6, full-scaled and fully remote-controlled. I bought it two years ago and I came up with this idea to create a universal motor controller so I could control different types, like the steering and braking, with the same device,” said Bjorn. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“I really like what I’ve done with it. Yeah the hardest part was how I could control all of the features of the car with just four channels. But luckily, thanks to the mixing function of the transmitter, I was able to include a couple of functions into the same control. I also made a fail-safe system so if the car gets out of range, the brakes automatically start on their own. The first time I drove the car I felt pretty nervous. I was just hoping it would all work efficiently, but after testing it, I was really surprised. It worked better than I had imagined,” adds Bjorn.