For those who want the ultimate home theater, check out these cool accessories and setups. Which ones are your favorites?

Loewe’s Crystal-Encrusted LCD TV

Available in a silver or black finish, this limited edition (1,000 each color) 32-inch LCD TV by Loewe’s is priced at a whopping $9,377 — both left and right side panels are encrusted with Swarovski crystals. Other features include, 1,366 x 768 resolution, a digital tuner, and an optional hard drive. [Source]

World’s Most Advanced LCD TV

Chi Mei Optoelectronics, a Taiwan based company, has unveiled the world’s first Quad Full High Definition (QFHD) LCD display, with a max resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. The flat panel has over 24.8 million transistors that have data transmission speeds of over 1.4 Gb/s. It’s the perfect addition to any high-end home theater system or for displaying satellite pictures.

“In the future, LCD screen size alone will no longer be the technical threshold nor the development focus of display panel makers,” said Chi Mei Optoelectronics President Mr. Jau-Yang Ho.


QuaNext – The Linux Powered LCD TV

Hong Kong-based Quataris will soon release a 19-inch LCD TV that runs on a modified version of SUSE Linux. The QuaNext features an Intel Pentium 4 processor, up to 2GB of DDR memory, 220GB hard drive, CD/DVD combo drive, and 1,440 x 990 resolution. It’s basically a DVD player, computer, and LCD television, all-in-one. No word yet on pricing.

The device can switch between a PC and a TV using the remote control and would be ideal for the living room, bedroom or kitchen where a separate PC may not be easily accommodated


Epson’s Dreamio All-in-One Projector

Now you can enjoy all your favorite DVD movies on the big screen with Epson’s Dreamio EMP-TWD1 projector. It features a built-in DVD player, stereo speakers, four viewing modes, and CD compatibility. The best part: there’s only one cable to connect, ensuring quick and painless setup.

The design of this projector was born on the basis of reconceptualizing the spatial and temporal relationships between people and things. For this reason, we aimed to turn movie appreciation into something special.


LG’s $132,000 71″ Plasma

At $132,000, LG’s 71PY10 is the world’s most expensive Plasma display, with 24K gold casing (4 pounds) and a limited production run of just 1000 units. Features include 1920 x 1080 resolution, HDMI, SCART, and a 600W home theater system. A less expensive — $95,000 — black version is also available.

The 71PY10 is available now in the LG iGallery at Harrods and from independent retailers nationwide.

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Holo TVs

Invented by Tibor Balogh, these flat panel “holo TVs” are capable of displaying images in 3-D — or so it seems.

Peugeot and Reanult are already interested in the product. The smaller 4:3 monitor displays 7.4-megapixels while the 16:9 monitor can display up to 9.8-megapixels, and lastly, the largest holographic screen is able to display 50.3-megapixels.

Sharp’s 2-Way Viewing Angle LCD

With a parallax barrier superimposed on a normal TFT-LCD, these Sharp displays can show different information simultaneously depending on the viewing angle. CeBIT attendees got a first hand look at this technology, which was first introduced last year. Video clips after the jump.

“…the LCD sends the light from the backlight into right and left directions, making it possible to show different information and visual content on the same screen at the same time”


Batcave Home Theater

Put simply, this “Batcave” home theater is one of the coolest setups we’ve come across, featuring 8 motorized black leather seats and a 102-inch LG plasma display.

The client in the case of the Batcave was a retired naturalist who had an interesting house that DCAVS vice president Nick Mark thought would lend itself well to a themed home theater

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Ultimate Home Theater

Yes, it’s a real home theater that was custom built underground (basement). It comes complete with concession stand, marquee, and box office. Equipment includes three DVD players, a JVC QX-1 projector, and 25hz woofer drivers in Dunlavy SC-IVs. This may be an oldie but it’s definitely worth taking another look at.

The theater is 16′ tall at the front (slab to concrete ceiling), and 11 1/2′ tall at the back. About 21′ wide and 29′ long. This was an addition to the house – we basically dug this huge hole in our front lawn and partially into the driveway, while also gutting a study on the main floor. From the main floor, you have steps down to the basement where you see a sitting area where the marquee is and thenonto a concession area and theater. So the superstructure of the theater is a 12″ to 18″ complete concrete shell


Death Star Theater

Originally conceptualized by Doug Chiang, Dillon Works managed to transform his ideas into the “Death Star Theater”. This incredible creation features 10 seats, automatic doors, twinkling star fields, backlit vintage posters, a wet bar with popcorn maker, THX sound system, and authentic movie props. [Source]

World’s Largest HD Screen

You’ll need a really big home — or a football stadium — for this accessory. At 50 feet high and 137 feet across, this HD screen by Daktronics is the largest of its kind — built inside Miami Dolphins stadium. It has an incredible 145.83 foot diagonal, which makes it a 1,750-inch display. [Source]

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