We bring your the fourth installment of our “Crazy Case Mods” series. Which ones are your favorites? We’ll start off with the “Whisky Bottle PC”. This modder stuffed a 1.5L Ballantine’s bottle with an Intel P3 733EB processor, 256MB notebook RAM, 40GB hard drive, and 60W mini-ITX power supply unit. [SourceShoutIt]

Cool Cube

The “Cool Cube” brings case cooling to a whole new level. Boasting a total of 18 (*updated) Panaflo 0.16 A. 29 dB. 36.6 CFM fans and a host of cold cathode lights.

From the article: “The Cool Cube turned out a lot better then expected I love that metallic industrial look about it. The cathodes also worked about a treat, I am sure there are only a few cases that have a full 360 degrees of light emitted.”


WrestleMania PC

Chaotic Computing took a WrestleMania “Stunt Action Ring” toy and transformed it into a fully functional computer. It’s currently being used as a media server.

From the article: “The final picture, with Warrior and Triple H posing in the corners, shows the Wrestlemania Computer where it’s being used as a media server, with a firewire cable leading to the external hard drives.”


The Machine Age

The Machine Age has a 1930’s radio inspired design. Featuring a VIA M9000 mainboard, 512MB of DDR memory and a 40GB hard drive.

From the article: “I imagined myself as an editor or artist at Pop Sci in the ’30s, tasked with the job of creating a futuristic computational machine that was actually small enough to sit on a person’s desk. What would it look like?”


Half-Life 2 PC

Created in just 14 days, this custom Half-Life 2 PC was masterfully crafted.

From the article: “The custom case we will be using today as our example is my HL2 project which was entered in last year’s “Beat This” case mod contest from CompUSA. Over 1800 entries were fielded from across the nation, and around the world.”


Newspaper Box

Here’s a first: a fully functional PC stuffed into an old newspaper vending machine.

From the article: “We came to the conclusion that we could take care of all the issues by putting together one portable unit that would contain everything needed for a smaller size Lan to run smoothly and efficiently to maximize the time spent on actually playing games. We named this idea for a unit ‘The Lan Party in a Box’.”


Teh Box

Put simply, “Teh Box” is one of the strangest mods we’ve seen. Crammed inside this cardboard box is an Intel P2 233Mhz processor, 288MB of memory, 52x CD-ROM drive, and a 4MB video card.

From the article: “I am somewhat concerned about it catching on fire, but I’m sure I can deal with the loss of the system”



Unfortunately, the owner didn’t provide a detailed writeup of the modding process, but from what we do know, it features a Ford GT inspired design. [Source]

XP Box

Bill Gates would be proud, someone actually made good use of an old Windows XP Professional box.

From the article: “I needed a small Windows XP machine and a Mini-ITX board was the obvious choice. So I decided to build my “Windows XP Box” in a Windows XP box.”


Stone Age PC

Not only is this PC made from a real sandstone sculpture, the parts inside are stone-aged — including an Intel 386DX microprocessor, hard drive, and CD-ROM drive.

From the article: “Two worlds meet here: a bare PC (DELL 386 DX40S) from the beginning of the 1990s and a 40 kg slab of ancient sandstone.”