A group of modders created this nifty iTunes jukebox, which isn’t very practical, but makes a great conversation piece none the less. Video after the jump

Take one of the “cartridges” (an electronically enhanced jewel case), and insert it in an empty slot in the iTunes Jukebox (an electronically enhanced CD tower). The tower is connected to the iTunes software on your computer, and as soon as you insert a jewel case, the song or set of songs associated with that case begins to play

[via HackedGadgets]



There are 8 available slots in the tower. You can place a case into any or all of the slots in the tower. When you do, the music associated with each case will play in order starting from the top slot in the iTunes Jukebox.
The project was developed to provide a nice group interface to iTunes that is intended for a party situation when you a) don’t really want people fiddling with your computer and b) want to encourage your guests to take an active part in collaboratively choosing the music to play