Game Changer Yacht

Based on the Damen Yacht Support 6911, this 227-foot vessel has been fully customized and is perfect for a supervillain who just happens to be a worthy enough opponent to make your hero look good. Of course this person is also clever and accomplished enough that people must lend him begrudging respect, and this yacht is perfect, as it comes with a fully-equipped dive center, Saab Falcon remote vehicle, as well as a U-Boat C-Researcher submarine. Step out onto the deck, and you’ll find a fully-certified helipad with a hangar beneath made for an Airbus H130. That’s not all, it’s also certified for Arctic operations, with a max speed of 22 knots and room for a a crew of 22. Read more for more fascinating images from around the web.

15. Pristine Condition

Even mediocre old cars become valuable if they are well maintained….

14. Sometimes, You Just Gotta Go

Baby it's cold outside.

13. Winter Wonderland


12. Perfect Timing

Kingfisher making a dive!

11. If It Existed

Red dead 2 for Game boy

10. Tiny Creature

Baby Quoll

9. Surreal

Saitama, Japan looks like a Van Gogh painting

8. Cozy

Yes Yes Yeeeeeeeees Yes

7. The More You Know

What happens when you get a burn over a faded tattoo

6. Magical

Japanese Artist Shintaro Ohata Combines Sculpture and Painting

5. Not Where You’d Expect

The Caribbean? Nope, it’s the Isles of Scilly in England

4. Nuka Cola

Bingo, Bango, Bongo

3. Simply Geeky

Cosplay Ladies.

2. The Force is Strong with This Gingerbread Creation

The gingerbread millennium falcon I made!

1. Homemade

Long term lurker, first time poster. I made dis! Jumanji


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