World's Largest Rabbit

Darius, measuring a whopping 4ft 4in (1.3m) and 22.2kg (48.9lb), is currently the world’s largest rabbit, but he’ll soon be trumped by his son, Jeff, who is currently 3ft 8in (1.1m) and has 6-months left of his growing phase. The father and son duo are both a part of the Continental Giant breed, which make great house pets by the way, if you can over look their food costs. Both of them can devour 2,000 carrots and 700 apples a year, as well as specially formulated rabbit food, all of which costs around £5,000. Continue reading for more images and information.

World's Largest Bunny

Their owner, Annette Edwards, says: “As soon as I think he’s made it, he’ll be measured by his vet and then Guinness will certify that he is the biggest rabbit in the world. Even though they’re so big, they are very low upkeep. They really do look after themselves most of the time. They run free in the garden during the day and at night go to sleep in their cozy crates. They never make a mess and actually would be great house rabbits. Although when they start to moult at the end of the summer, they need a good daily brush. And being the world’s biggest rabbit, and his son, they’ve got a giant appetite to match. But it’s actually good for them to be eating hay all day long – to keep their teeth and digestive system healthy.


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