Dell Stereo Soundbar AC511M
The Dell Stereo Soundbar (AC511M) is compatible with smartphones, tablets, computers, and more, all for $20.99, today only, originally $44.99. How does it work? Simply plug it into a USB port (or adapter) and you’re ready to rock, with no extra software installation required. Product page.

Dell Stereo SoundBar- AC511M
  • Until you hear it you'll hardly notice it's there Dell Stereo Soundbar can give you the sound you want without big speakers and Long cables
  • USB powered the Dell Stereo Soundbar is simplicity itself Just Plug in to an available USB port on your monitor or laptop No extra software Installation No power cord No Batteries required
  • An included Soundbar mount offers Easy attachment to the monitor allowing you to enjoy clear Stereo sound without losing desk space

Mounting this on a monitor or TV is a breeze, thanks to the included mount. Once installed, you’ll be able to enjoy crisp, clear stereo sound without having to lose any desk space. USB power also means that batteries aren’t necessary, as it draws upon the device the soundbar is plugged into. Sure, they may not be as stylish as the IKEA SYMFONISK speakers, which integrate seamlessly with the Sonos Play:1, but the AC511M does get the job done.

Unlike most so called ‘USB Soundbars’ available these days, this one truely is! I needed a small speaker for my ‘dissapearing home office’ where my goal is to have a single USB-C cable connection to my laptop for all peripherals. This speaker only requires a USB connection, no need for a separate analog audio cable, so it fits the bill perfectly! Sound is excellent for it’s size,” said one reviewer.