Desert Plant Resurrection

You’re not looking at computer-generated imagery, but rather Rose of Jericho, a desert plant that opens when moisture is present and closes up as if dead during short or long dry spells. In other words, it would be perfect for a Max Mad-like environment because it’s capable of surviving several years of drought, and even lose up to 95% of its water without being damaged and come back to life after exposure to moisture. Read more for a TED Talks video about these resurrection plants and additional information.

Certain resurrection plants have long been sold in their dry, “lifeless” form as novelties as far back as the 19th century. In December, 2015, resurrection plants were featured in a TED talk given by Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology Jill Farrant (above) at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, who performs targeted genetic modification of crop plants to make them tolerate desiccation by activating genes that are already there but not natively expressed in response to drought.


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