Diphylleia Grayi Skeleton Flower Translucent
Photo credit: Indira Chugh
Diphylleia grayi is a type of flower that looks normal at first glance, or in dry conditions, but once they touch water, the petals turn translucent, which fits its nickname of “Skeleton Flower”. They’re found in Japan’s colder wooded mountainsides and bloom from mid-spring to early-summer. Once the rain stops, the petals go back to normal as they dry. Read more for two videos of the phenomenon and additional information,

“Apparently, the flower’s ability to change from white to translucent in contact with water has nothing to do with pigmentation, but rather with the loose cell structure in the plant petals. Apart from wowing both flower enthusiasts and scientists with its ability to change color, the skeleton flower has also inspired nanophotonics researchers to develop a transparent underwater surface that stays clean by repelling oil,” according to Oddity Central.