Dismaland Disneyland Banksy

Photo credit: Chris Jacobson / Colossal via Laughing Squid

Ever wonder what Disneyland would look like after the zombie apocalypse (or in the Walking Dead), look no further than Banksy’s latest installation: Dismaland. Constructed as a dysotopian interpretation of the happiest place on earth, and located in the English seaside town of Weston-super-Mare, the “bemusement park,” is touted as “an art show for the 99 percent.” Featuring attractions and sights like Grim Reaper bumper cars, paparazzi snapping shots of a deceased Cinderella after a pumpkin-carriage crash, and even a butcher making lasagna out of carousel horses. Continue reading for another video tour and more pictures.

Dismaland Banksy

“A dead princess is only complete when surrounded by gawping crowds with their cameras out or the opportunity to photograph yourself pulling an amazed expression when a killer whale leaps from a toilet,” Banksy told the BBC.

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