Now that you’ve seen the strangest Lay’s flavors, weirdest Doritos flavors, Pepsi flavors and strangest Pringles flavors from around the world, now it’s time for yet another bizarre food creation from Domino’s. It’s called Specialty Chicken and it basically “swaps the dough with boneless breaded chicken breasts. The four flavors on deck feature Classic Hot Buffalo, Sweet BBQ Bacon, Spicy Jalapeno-Pineapple and Crispy Bacon & Tomato. The chicken are cut up into bite sizes and topped with sauce, cheese, veggies and meats.” Continue reading for the video review, more pictures, and additional information.

Here’s the one gripe that Kotaku reviewer Mike Fahey had with Specialty Chicken: “In general, the Specialty Pizza has a problem – toppings don’t like to stick to them. In each variety, sauce and cheese valiantly attempt to bind everything together, but it’s no use – things fall off. Governments crumble. Entropy reigns.”

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