DOOM John Romero Sigil Mod

DOOM fans rejoice! SIGIL is a free megawad for the original 1993 DOOM game created by John Romero, with nine single-player and nine deathmatch levels. It’s now available and requires players own the original 1993 registered version of DOOM in order to play. Simply put, it’s the spiritual successor to the fourth episode of DOOM, and picks up where the original left off. Limited Run Games has also released two fan boxes featuring music by metal guitar legend Buckethead, and includes a custom song written expressly for SIGIL as well as cover art by Christopher Lovell whose iconic, detailed work has been featured on numerous metal albums. Read more for a speed run on the hardest difficultly level and additional information, including the download link.

“Romero originally revealed Sigil late last year, for the original game’s 25th anniversary, and promised it would be free — which it is. The game was briefly delayed from its original release date in February, and was finally released today. The delay apparently came from a production snag in the aforementioned Beast Box, and Romero‘s apparent determination to ensure those who paid for the special edition got it at the same day as the free release,” reports TNW. Download it here.

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