Drone Motor Synth

Drone engines are great for flying, but Gamechanger Audio has found a new use for them, and it utilizes Motor Synth, their new analog electro-mechanical synthesizer. Put simply, it uses these motors as oscillators to generate unique sounds with a gritty, industrial tone. In other words, this synthesizer uses pickups to react to the changing magnetic field of its eight spinning motors, and since the sounds are created by the spinning motors while the pickups are reacting to a physical behavior, its unique sound is created. Read more for another video and additional information.

“Now, while you can hook up a traditional keyboard and play the Motor Synth just like any other synthesizer, the folks at Gamechanger prefer to use the eight buttons on the front. These can be set to play any scale, making it easy to bang out a melody or bassline, even if you don’t know how to play an instrument. And they can be either momentary (notes stop playing when you release the button) or latching (notes play until you play new notes). The latter is particularly useful for when you switch from free play to arpeggiator mode,” reports Engadget.

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