Earth 300 First Nuclear-Powered Superyacht
Earth 300 is not only the world’s first nuclear-powered superyacht, but it’s set to become an extreme technology platform for science, exploration and innovation at sea. The vessel will incorporate various technologies, such as robotics, internet of things, artificial intelligence and quantum computing, complete with 22 state-of-the-art laboratories. Its most notable feature is a science city housed inside a large sphere. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

Other features include a gigantic observation deck, and a high-tech interior designed for scientific research. For those interested in touring Earth 300, wealthy tourists will be able to book luxury suites in 2025. Power comes from a molten salt reactor, which is essentially a type of nuclear power generator that uses molten fluoride salts as a coolant and operates at low pressure.

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Earth 300 First Nuclear-Powered Superyacht
Earth 300 First Nuclear-Powered Superyacht

We are living at a pivotal moment in human history, facing the greatest challenge since the dawn of man – climate change so our goal is to ring the climate alarm on a global scale and inspire an era of ecological imagination, spawning a new brand of planetary vanguard, ethical leaders who will support a new economic and ecological vision for the world,” said Aaron Olivera, the CEO of Earth 300.

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