Snowden Surveillance App Haven

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, Freedom of the Press Foundation, and the Guardian Project, have unveiled a new app called “Haven”. When installed on an Android smartphone, it activates different sensors on the device, uses the front / back cameras to detect motion, and uses the microphone to spot changes in the volume level, thus turning it into a personal surveillance system of sorts. Continue reading for an in-depth video and more information.

“Say you’re leaving your computer unattended in a hotel room or at home – simply place your Haven phone atop the device, and anytime the Android detects motion, light, or movement, it makes a note of this potential intrusion. It will take photos, record noises, and monitor variations in the environment, and then send notifications to you. Better yet, none of this information will be stored in the cloud – all communication you receive from Haven is end-to-end encrypted over Signal,” according to Digital Trends.


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