EHang 216 Passenger Drone Air Taxi

Priced at a hefty $336K, the EHang 216 passenger drone is now ready for production, as it successfully completed its first driverless test flight above the pitch at Vienna’s Generali Arena. Practical uses for this air taxi include short-haul services for passengers, industrial equipment and urgent medical deliveries. It can seat up to two adults with a maximum weight capacity of 750 pounds and can fly up to 90 mph for ‘almost half an hour’. Read more for another video and additional information.

“The passenger cabin is small, with leg room that taller passengers might find less-than adequate, an Austrian photographer who took part in a demonstration flight. FACC claims it has already received several thousand orders for the drone, with the highest demand in China. He said that the only thing that is hindering them to produce larger volumes is regulation,” reports Daily Mail.


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