Elon Musk Latest Neuralink Monkey Typing Mind
Elon Musk took to the stage yesterday to showcase the latest Neuralink technology and during that presentation, a monkey appeared to type using only its mind. The experiments were performed on six monkeys, and despite not knowing how to spell, they were able to move a cursor using only their minds to arrange the pre-written words in the correct order.

He said the monkeys actually enjoyed doing the demos and they even get rewarded with a banana smoothie in the end. Eventually, the team hopes this technology will enable quadriplegics to access a mouse and keyboard, thus providing them with an interface to the outside world. Neuralink has already submitted the paperwork to the FDA and hope they can receive approval within 6-months for human trials.

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My prime motivation for Neuralink was the question: ‘What do we do if there is a super-intelligence that is much smarter than human beings? How do we, as a species, mitigate the risk or, in a benevolent scenario, go along for the ride?,” said Elon Musk.


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