Elon Musk Netflix YouTube Tesla
Tesla owners rejoice! Elon Musk has just Tweeted that Tesla vehicles will soon be able to stream Netflix and YouTube when parked and describes the experience as “amazingly immersive” due to the “comfy seats & surround sound audio”. For those who don’t know, both the Tesla Model S and Model X models boast a 17-inch display, while the Model 3 has a 15-inch screen. Read more for the Tweet and a video of someone who already managed to get Netflix running on a Model 3.

That means trip to superchargers, or just any charger, will be that much more enjoyable, thanks to the Tesla Arcade, and soon, these streaming video services. Elon Musk mentioned that he has plans to install free WiFi at Tesla supercharger stations in the near future. When will you see these new features? Many are saying in the version 10 software update, but only time will tell.

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