Engineered Arts Ameca AI Humanoid Robot CES 2022
Engineered Arts’ Ameca became an internet sensation ahead of the AI humanoid robot’s appearance at CES 2022 (Booth 62502 & 62524) in Las Vegas this week, but now that we’ve seen more, it’s creepier than ever. This creation is the culmination of 20 years of increasing robotics innovation, thanks to groundbreaking advancements in movement, natural gestures, intelligent interaction, and a future-proof software system designed to embrace artificial intelligence as well as computer vision. Read more for the video and additional information.

When you first meet Ameca at the Great Britain and Northern Ireland Pavilion in Tech West Hall G—lower level of the Venetian Expo Center, you’ll notice that it makes some eerily realistic human facial expressions. However, the scariest (or coolest) part is that the Engineered Arts team can build any one of their robot figure in as little as four months, so we could be just years away from seeing these in homes worldwide.

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A humanoid robot will always instil an image of what the future may hold. Ameca represents a perfect platform to explore how our machines can live with, collaborate, and enrich our lives in tomorrow’s sustainable communities. Ameca integrates both AI with AB (artificial body) for advanced, iterative technologies that deliver superior motion and gestures, all housed in a human form and robotic visage for a non-threatening, gender-neutral integration into an inclusive society,” said Morgan Roe, Director of Operations at Engineered Arts.

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