Engineered Arts Ardan Mesmer Robot Head
Engineerd Arts’ Ameca humanoid robot is set to make its debut next month at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, but the company is working on much more behind the scenes, including this “Ardan” Mesmer robot head. Despite looking like CGI, this head and neck boasts 22 custom servo actuators, running software from EA’s Tritium frame work running on x86 Intel NUC. Read more for a video and bonus.

The Engineered Arts team can reportedly create any robot figure in just four months, whether it be their state-of-the-art Ameca, Mesmer series or RoboThespian creations. These can be either purchased outright or leased through an integrated end-to-end rental program for special limited engagements and showcases around the world.

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Engineered Arts Ardan Mesmer Robot Head

A humanoid robot will always instill an image of what the future may hold. Ameca represents a perfect platform to explore how our machines can live with, collaborate, and enrich our lives in tomorrow’s sustainable communities. Ameca integrates both AI with AB (artificial body) for advanced, iterative technologies that deliver superior motion and gestures, all housed in a human form and robotic visage for a non-threatening, gender-neutral integration into an inclusive society,” said Morgan Roe, Director of Operations at Engineered Arts.

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