Unreal Engine 4.22 Ray Tracing

Epic Games has just released Unreal Engine 4.22, and it boasts a total of 174 improvements, mainly focusing on “pushing the boundaries of photorealism in real-time environments”. You’ll also find improved build times (up to 3x faster) and new features such as real-time ray tracing. The Ray Tracing feature consists of a series of ray tracing shaders and ray tracing effects to help in achieve natural-looking lighting effects in real-time. The Path Tracer features a full global illumination path for indirect lighting that creates ground truth reference renders right inside of the engine. Read more for two more tech demo videos and additional information.

“The new Faster mesh drawing feature is also introduced alongside, [which] improves mesh performance while playing the games. Apart from this, the update Unreal Engine brings enhanced sound effects. It lets you edit and manage the audio clip with the built-in tools. Depending upon your basic requirements, you can make use of the audio management feature from here,” reports Techno Codex.

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