Expensive Chat Chatroom
Marc Köhlbrugge launched Expensive.chat as a social experiment, and it’s basically a web-based chat service where every letter typed costs $0.01. This chatroom has somewhat been gamified with a leaderboard showing users who have spent the most money up top. As you scroll through the messages, you’ll realize that most of them are just advertisements for services, and there’s a box at the bottom to post your own. The website accepts Stripe, debit, and credit cards for payment. Read more for a Tweet showing how to get more than your money’s worth.

“There are various ways users are trying to game the site for visibility. Some have gone with the route of more is more in order for their name to appear at the top of the leaderboard. Others are more straightforward and give tiny quips about their services followed by a URL. One person discovered a workaround to get their message across that only costs a single penny,” reports The Verge.