EZ Ice Rink

Live in a colder part of the world, and have always wanted a backyard ice rink? If so, then look no further than EZ Ice. You won’t need any special tools, as this kit includes all that you need, and can transform just about any flat outdoor space into an ice rink in 60-minutes or less. Once the snap-together panels, brackets, and straps are installed, simply fill it with water and wait for it to freeze over. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“What’s even better is that you can choose the size of your rink based on how much space you have – with sets available starting at 15′ x 30′ and up to 85′ x 200′. You can even order a completely bespoke custom set if you’ve got an odd-shaped space. Prices for an EZ Ice rink kit start at $1,700,” reports Hi Consumption.

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