Fallout 4 Mod Anime

Nexus Mods has created an interesting Fallout 4 mod, called “AnimeRace,” that does exactly as it sounds. Simply put, the mod adds a race modeled after anime characters that can be used as a player or NPC. The former is compatible with equipment and hairstyles. “These characters are very lively because they can have various expressions,” said the modder. Read more for two additional videos and a download link.

“Some fans have pointed out that the race is entirely female, which may thwart your ambition of a total conversion of Fallout 4 to full anime status (not sure that would make Preston or the Minutemen any more tolerable, either way). But as a novelty, particularly with Japanese language and subtitles, perhaps it’s worth a chuckle or two, particularly for movie makers,” reports Polygon. Download it here.