Faraday Future FF-91 Rear Passenger Display
Sure, rear seat displays are nothing new, but Faraday Future ups the game with its new AI-enahnced 27-inch panel. You can lower and raise the panel with a simple voice command as well as have the ability to conduct in-vehicle video conferencing while commuting. This AI-enhanced voice experience aims to lead the future of connected vehicle interactions, making the company the first to immere its first-party voice assistant, FFAI, deeply into the vehicle OS. Read more for a video and additional information.

The FF 91 also comes equipped with in-cabin-facing cameras, complete with support for videoconferencing features. When the rear passenger display is activated, users can access their contacts through compatible applications to keep connected with just about anyone while on the road. These applications will run natively on the in-vehicle computer and be mirrored to the usersโ€™ mobile devices for remote control.

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FF will deliver the latest and most advanced user-focused capabilities in the FF 91. These voice control and video conferencing upgrades are a crucial part of our third-internet living space experience. We continually seek out and discover new ways to enhance both the user and the unique mobility experience of the FF 91, and with these features, we believe our users will truly benefit from the advanced technology we are incorporating into our vehicles,” said Hong Rao, Vice President, I.A.I at FF.

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