About six decades ago, a 21-year-old Navy fighter pilot named James Huston was on a mission over the Pacific and shot down by Japanese artillery. However, James Leininger, who is now 13, may be his reincarnation. As a two-year-old, James would have nightmares and scream out phrases such as “Plane on fire! Little man can’t get out!” Continue reading for a video and more information.

Oddee reports that “James also described how his plane had sustained a direct hit on the engine. Ralph Clarbour, a rear gunner on a U.S. airplane that flew off the Natoma Bay, says his plane was right next to the one flown by James M. Huston Jr. during a raid near Iwo Jima on March 3, 1945. Clarbour said he saw Huston’s plane struck by anti-aircraft fire. “I would say he was hit head on, right in the middle of the engine,” he said.”