Star Wars fanatics in Germany spent two years building this incredible 1:2 scale Tie Fighter, which measures 5.30 m wide, 4.80 m long, 4.30 m high and weighs in at a hefty 1.4 tons. They worked in 12-meter-wide parking garage, spending an estimated $18,500 total on materials. Continue reading for a video preview and more information.

Asked about what motivated him and his friends to put in over 1,000 man-hours into the 1:2 scale Tie Fighter, 45-year-old Michael Schramm told Bild: “The reason is my love for Star Wars. And those crazies, with whom I share this passion. We live out our dreams and have fun doing it.”

He added that their detailed starfighter is dedicated to Star Wars creator, George Lucas. The team plan to show off their stunning Tie Fighter at the “STAR WARS – Celebration Europe” event, on July 26, in Messe Essen, Germany.


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