In the spring of 2012 Brian Flemming from Michigan was morbidly obese, and an alcoholic, complete with nagging medical problems that were only getting worse. To keep himself busy in-between meals he played Draw Something, a Pictionary-inspired app, which matched him randomly with opponent Jackie Eastham in London. It was only until then did he slowly gain the inspiration to lose 365-pounds, ditch the alcohol and embrace life in just over a year. Continue reading for the news report and more information.

According to The Daily Mail, “‘I decided to quit drinking. I quit cold-turkey,’ says Flemming. He made the decision on October 13, 2012, and it was the first step in a journey that has seen him transform his life. Withdrawal symptoms aside, quitting drinking saw Flemming lose 100lbs in a month without changing any other aspect of his life. The change inspired him to change his diet, a menu drawn mostly from fast-food restaurants and coming in at an incredible 7,000 calories a day. Now, he eats cereal and Greek yoghurt for breakfast, washed down with a glass of low-sodium vegetable juice. Lunch and dinner are lean protein, vegetables and rice. His weekly treat is a scoop of ice-cream on Fridays.