A piano-shaped table that doubles as an iPod dock? Yes, it actually exists. Continue reading for some more funny Apple gadgets.

iPod Concerto Table

Designed by Nicholas Lovegrove and Demian Repucci, this piano-shaped table has a built-in iPod dock along with a pair of speakers. It was recently on display at the Apple store in NYC. More info here.[Source]

iPod Nano Tunebuckle

Apple’s iPod Nano is so small that it easily fits into a special compartment found on the Tunebuckle. This buckle will protect your Nano from scratches and has an opening for your headphones. Its made from “high grade metals and leather” and comes in white or black colors. Product page. [Source]

Apple Cube Aquarium

Presenting the Apple Cube Aquarium Ver. 2. This person has managed to take a Power Mac G4 Cube and turn it into a fully functioning fish aquarium inspired by the original.[Source]

iMac T.P. Dock

Nik decided to mount a toilet paper iPod dock on top of his iMac — one of the strangest Mac mods we’ve come across. One more picture after the jump.

It’s an iPod dock and loo roll dispenser in one handy unit. Charge and play your iPod through its integrated speakers. Includes a line-in port for your hifi but requires external power


iBoy: The Gameboy iPod Case

The iBoy is basically the coolest iPod case we’ve seen, though a bit bulkly. Plus, it sports “an internal dock connector — buttons on the Gameboy were wired up to control the iPod.”

The on/off switch is wired so that the buttons only work if it is in the “on” position (like with the Game Boy, the battery light indicates that these functions are turned on). Essentially, it is a hold switch with an indicator light…in case you ever want to put this mammoth in your pocket