Would you wear the “Shower Belt” or a synthetic human skin laptop bag? Check out those and other strange product ideas after the jump.

Shower Belt

The “Shower Belt”, designed by Carl Hagerling, can easily attach to any faucet with the buckle acting as a fully functional nozzle.

The shower belt offers the possibility of a more substantial cleansing that leaves the user as invigorated as he or she would be in any other shower. Practically any public restroom can be transformed into your own private space for washing and relaxing. Make use of the waiting time between transport to take a shower and feel fresh inside and out


Synthetic Human Skin Laptop Bags

This expensive ($601 USD), but striking laptop bag is made from synthetic human skin. The “Skinbag” is shock absorbant, has 1 cm padding (fabric lining), and 1 side pocket for all your accessories. It measures approx. 39 x 29 cm or 14 x 11 in. and doubles as a regular carrying bag.

“The bags dedicated to electronic machines are waterproof and proctective jackets and become autonomous organisms. They anticipate the fusion between the digital and the organic.”

RSStroom Reader

Introducing the RSStroom reader by Yi Tien Electronics, with this gadget you’ll be able to print the latest RSS headlines directly on to rolls of toilet paper. It also features Wi-Fi Connectivity, USB 2.0, and RSS 2.0/Atom compatibility. This reader interacts with your toilet bowl “biometrically” which basically means when you sit down this thing will weigh you. Depending on your weight, it’ll deliver you a customized news feed. [Source][Source]

Neck Stretcher

Simply place around the neck and than use the handpump to send air rushing through the tube. You’re supposed to feel a nice “refreshing sensation” as the pressure slowly stretches the back of your neck. [Source]

iGoGo MP3 Player/Massager

In addition to being a fully-functional MP3 player, the iGoGo comes with a pair of “remote massagers” for the ultimate listening experience. A few caveats: it only comes with 128MB of built-in memory and it costs a whopping $500.

The pads are wireless, communicating with the player via RF technology, so no worries about getting tangled in some very unrelaxing wires. Just two pads come in the package, but the player can control up to four. For that much coin, it had better put Karl down at the Equinox spa to shame