Water isn’t only good for drinking, it can be used for many other things, including a music controller.

Rubidium + Water

Richard Hammond shows why you should never mix alklai metals with water, in this case, Rubidium.

Rubidium is the second most electropositive of the stable alkaline elements and liquefies at high ambient temperature (102.7 F = 39.3 C). Like other group 1 elements this metal reacts violently in water

Zero-G Water

Now here’s what you can do with water in zero gravity environments, such as in space.

Toriton Plus: Water Surface as Music Controller

Put simply, Toriton is a laser-based system that uses water as a music controller. This project is looking very promising to say the least and could lead to more innovative uses in the world of science.

A slightly more complex version of using a water surface as a music controller featuring five lasers instead of just the one. Please note that this is a prototype version, and as such does not represent the variety of output for the finished thing

Water Surface Drawings

Researchers at Japan’s Akishima Laboratories have developed a way to write or draw on the surface of water — “using an enclosure surrounded by 50 wave generators.”

The image is created by water pixels formed from the simultaneous intersection of all those waves. As you can imagine, a powerful computer is needed to perform the complex Bessel Function calculations involved in creating this effect