How about controlling Quake 2 with your eyes? That’s right, you’ll find that and more strange ways to control video games after the jump.

Eye-Based Video Game Control

One of our readers just sent in this interesting video of a person who “integrated a Tobii 1750 eye tracker” into his computer setup so players can “control the orientation [of games] with their eyes.”

Mind-Controlled Video Games

According to BBC News, the first “brain-controlled” games could hit the market as early as next year — using NeuroSky technology.

PowerGlove Mouse

A group of college students — Brian Eng, Andy Homar, Matteo Mannino, and Saad Sam — designed and created this nifty PowerGlove-like mouse for Purdue ECE477.

This is not merely a hack job like other glove mice found on youtube that simply use an off the shelf gyration mouse. Custom PCB’s for the base station and glove module were designed by us and fabricated. Everything was built from the ground up

Tongue-Controlled GameBoy Advance SP

That’s right, Simmunity has created the world’s first tongue-controlled GameBoy Advance SP. This modified console is compatible with most titles, but “games which require multiple simultaneous button closures will require an assistant to help push extra buttons during play.” Here’s how it works:

…we added a new jack for the receiver input. This receiver processes signals from the tongue-touch keypad and, in this case, relays them to a second micro-controller computer chip inside the Game Boy, added by Simmunity, to decode the reciever signals and activate the Game Boy Advance SP buttons