You’ve seen the strangest LEGO creations, now check out the top ten LEGO Mindstorms creations. Whether it be a Pirates movie theater, pinball machine, or even a robotic toilet flusher, you’ll find them here. Continue reading to view them all.

10. LEGO Printer

YouTube user “horseattack” has uploaded a video of a functional LEGO printer that he built, connected to an Apple Mac. Everything was reportedly built from scratch, “including analog motor electronics, sensors and printer driver, the USB interface uses a ‘wiring’ board.” The pen slides back and forth, building images and text one line at a time. It’d probably have trouble with the finer details, though maybe it could just use a finer pen.


9. Pinball Machine

A LEGO master wanted to create something that could actually be used, so a pinball machine came to mind. This LEGO NXT-based creation features 9 touch sensors and four motors — “two are used for the ball return and two for the spinners.”


8. Pirates Theater

If you’re a LEGO minifig, you don’t need frills like an HDTV projector or Blu-ray disc player. You need this handcrafted LEGO Mindstorms NXT movie theater, compete with pirate theme. First of all, this whole motorized Lego theater set up is legit. Skip to about 2:30 for a behind-the-scenes look at how it all works.

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7. Pancake Bot

Here’s a first: a pancake-making robot created using “LEGO Mindstorms, LEGO bricks and two ketchup bottles.” That’s right, it can make pancakes of all shapes and sizes, including the famed Mickey head. You can pre-program what shape you’d like your pancakes to be before the Lego-bot starts a-cooking.


6. Time Twister

Here’s a first: a fully-functional digital clock made with LEGO Mindstorms. Powered by two separate LEGO Mindstorms bricks communicating through Bluetooth, “each number has five layers and each layer is controlled by the one above it so it starts from the bottom and builds the number from the ground up.”

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5. Sudoku Solver

Let’s face it, not everyone is a master at Sudoku, but solving the puzzles just got a lot easier…if you’ve got one of these LEGO Mindstorms robots that is. Built by Tilted Twister, this creation is the world’s first sudoku puzzle-solving LEGO robot. Basically, “it scans the sudoku puzzle using a light sensor, calculates the solution to the puzzle and then writes the digits.”

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4. Vending Machine

Touchscreen vending machines are so yesterday, the latest trend is the 8-bit-looking LEGO Mindstorms model, or so we’d like to think. This miniature version may not dispense dozens of varieties, but it comes complete with a functional coin slot.

3. Emotion Head

For his third year project, a college student “built a robotic face (from Lego mindstorm) capable of expressing emotion, and software that allowed the robot to responded to the tone of the user voice.” In the future many more devices around the home may have the ability to recognise and respond to emotion.


2. RoboFlush

For those looking for a hands-free toilet flushing solution, look no further than the RoboFlush. It uses a motor-equipped LEGO Mindstorms NXT Kit, touch sensor, and an ultrasonic sensor (flush detection) for the dirty work.


1. CubeStormer II

What do you get when you combine LEGO Mindstorms NXT with a Samsung Galaxy S II and a custom program? The magnificent Rubik’s Cube-solving CubeStormer II. Plus, “CubeStormer will be making a public appearance at ARM TechCon 2011 in California, later this month.”


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