Your iPod, Mac Mini, and other Apple devices can be used in many creative ways, as you’ll see after the break.

5. Mobile Mac Mini

James Mullins built “M3”, a Mobile Mac Mini bot that comes with “a touchscreen lcd mounted in the rear; up front it’s equipped with video halogen lights and IR range sensors.” Lots more pictures here.

In the end it was decided that the Mac Mini should sit in top of the robot so that the DVD slot and IR sensor was visible from above the chassis. This meant that we could drive the robot with the supplied Apple remote


4. iPod NES Controller

This creative NES mod is basically a controller that was converted into an iPod dock, allowing the user to control Doom with it. Video after the jump.[Source]

3. iPod DJ Mixer

So you’ve seen the Numark iDJ2, now check out this custom built “iPod DJ Mixer”.

The click wheel is smaller than a 12-inch analog. Actions on discs are almost same, but the size makes a big difference on usability. To be an iPod DJ, you gotta think about a new interactive controller to operate the players — combining the iPod’s interface as a module for a new DJ system.

[via Source]

2. DeLorean Mac Mini

Ryan Brandy created this custom Mac Mini setup in his DeLorean, complete with sound system, iSight on dashboard, and a projector center.

I have always wanted to put a Macintosh-based computer into my DeLorean. Today, you can read about how I made that a reality. This project involved more than just a carputer. This is the merging of an automotive environment and a computing environment. This creates a portable office in your DeLorean. Not just a drive-in movie theater, but a drivable drive-in movie theater

1. Mac Mini Portable MkIII

Created by Peter Green, this UMPC-like device is actually a portable Mac Mini that sports an Intel Core Solo 1.5Ghz processor, 60GB HDD, and 512MB RAM.

The MMP MkIII is the LIGHTEST Macintosh portable ever made at just 1.9Kg including batteries. This ‘UMPC’ has a 3 hour battery life, integrated 8″ touch screen tablet with hand writing recognition supported by ‘Ink, full Blue Tooth, Airport, full SPDIF audio in/out and Front Row capabilities, on screen touch keyboard – no hardware keyboard required