Apple Park Steve Jobs Theater

The iPhone 8 is set to take place on September 12th inside the new Apple Park Steve Jobs Theater, and Mac Magazine gives us a sneak peak inside while construction is still going on. This 1,000-seat theater is located outside Apple Park’s main spaceship campus, on a hill. Despite the glass entrance, most of the structure is underground. Continue reading for the images and more information.

“The exhibit space sits in the center of the two-story lobby, with staircases wrapping around each side. Upon walking down, it then feeds into the auditorium, which has stadium seating. The theater appears to have a generous amount of light wood surfaces, though, again, it remains to be seen what the actual finishes will be. Originally envisioned by Steve Jobs, the entirety of Apple Park has 2.8 million square feet of space, most of which is devoted to green space,” according to The Verge.

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